Mercotac Rotary Electrical Connectors

Operate on a superior principle.  They offer an extremely low-resistance electrical connection because the conduction path is a liquid metal which is molecularly bonded to the contacts.  The Mercotac connection is constant and unchanged for the life of the connector.



Mercotac Models: 


  • Mercotac  Model  110  (1-channel, 10Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  110-T & 105 (1-channel, 10 Amp or  4 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  1250 (1-channel, 250 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  1500 (1-channel, 500 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  205 (2-channel,  4Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  230 (2-channel, 30Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  235 (2-channel, 30Amp /500V)
  • Mercotac  Model  215-2K (2-channel, 15Amp /1500V)
  • Mercotac  Model  305 (3-channel, 4Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  331 (3-channel , 2×4 @ 1x 30 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  330 (3-channel,30Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  335 (3-channel,30Amp /500V)
  • Mercotac  Model  430 (4-channel , 2×4 @  2x 30 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  435 (4-channel,30Amp /500V)
  • Mercotac  Model  4100 (4-channel , 3x 100@ 1x 60Amp, 500V)
  • Mercotac  Model  630 (4-channel , 2×4 @  4x 30 Amp)
  • Mercotac  Model  830 (4-channel , 2×4 @  6x 30 Amp)



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